In July 2016, Bharulata Kamble will attempt to achieve a World Record. The world record will be observed and recorded by Guinness World Records. Bharulata was born in Navsari district of state Gujarat in India and currently holds overseas citizen of India card. She is a dual citizen of Great Britain and Australia. She is married to a gentleman from state Maharashtra, India who is a medical practitioner (Surgeon). Bharulata is a mother of two children and lives in Luton, UK with her husband and children. Bharulata is passionate driver, explorer and ardent for long distance driving. She is inquisitive, adventurous and finds crossing land borders fascinating. The quest to push boundaries in her is innate. As part of Bharulata’s core mission is to highlight the significance of women empowerment, this tasking world record drive will make good use of Bharulata’s proficient driving skills. She is very determined to accomplish the UK to India drive to raise awareness of issues, which greatly affect the society, particularly in India.

On many occasions Bharulata has completed long and demanding car journeys in emergency situations. She recalls one instance where, whilst pregnant, without hesitation; she did over 1700 kilometers return trip from Southern England to Aberdeen, Scotland in less than 18 hours! Her husband had unfortunately missed his flight to Aberdeen and needed to be in Scotland before morning. Bharulata didn’t hesitate to remedy the situation, by getting in the family car to start driving to Aberdeen, Scotland straight away! This is certainly someone who has stamina, willpower and focus and this is especially true when it comes to her long-distance driving.

Bharulata firmly believes that driving and being mobile is the first sign of empowerment. She strongly believes and wish to advocate, especially in India where driving is considered mainly a man's domain, that mobility is key for women to integrate with the socio-economic fabric of the country. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment one of the Millennium Goals as laid out by the United Nations, Bharulata is set to promote empowerment of women via her forthcoming solo drive. Bharulata is visionary, passionate and determined lady, doing her best to help and support the underprivileged, the poor and deprived in the society. She firmly believes in giving back to the society. The cause of girls’ education is very dear to her. Her passion for people is apparent in all she does and her compassion is a beautiful exhibit thereof.

Bharulata believes that every girl has right to life and should have right to education. Origin of girl child is an origin of mother of next generation. Mothers are the first educator of their children and educator of next generation. Educated girls are the force to move forward the world. Education is the way to change the world. Education sustains human values. It forms the foundation for learning and critical thinking. Education also provides skills for girls to become more self-reliant and provides them with more opportunities. Bharulata hopes to make the Indian Diaspora around the globe proud, by completing this courageous task. So far, Bharulata has completed 3 ‘test drive’ trips across Europe in February to March 2016 to prepare for the world record attempt.

 Preparatory test-drives for the world record:

• The 1st test drive in preparation for the world record was completed on Saturday 20th February 2016. She drove from Luton to Lands End, UK driving 1100 kilometers in one day and drove 550 kilometers non-stop each way.

• The 2nd test drive from the UK to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg was undertaken from 27th February to 29th February.

• The 3rd test drive was completed on 1st April 2016, driving from Navsari to Ahmadabad non-stop and return back the same day.

• The 4th test drive will be completed in June 2016, driving in the mountains of Peak District, UK.

Previous long distance drives:

 • May 2015, from Luton- Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Lake District and back to Luton in three days covering over 2500 kilometers in three days.

• April 2015, from Luton to Glasgow non-stop and returned via Edinburgh non-stop.

• November 2004, over night drive from London to Aberdeen and back next day, covering total of 1740 kilometers in less than 18 hours. This was whilst she was pregnant.

• October 2004, non-stop drive from London to Edinburgh and back the next day, covering 1440 kilometers in less than 15 hours.

• Various day trips from London to Manchester, London to Middlesbrough and many more.