Driving Expedition through 50 Countries

Driving has always been a passion of Bharulata, so once again she prepares for her adventurers to explore 50 counties. She is set to undertake path-breaking overland driving expeditions, which will involve some of the extreme driving conditions to some extremely difficult to reach areas. It has been her desire to empower and encourage girls and women of all ages to push their boundaries. She aims to meet with different people whose cultural history pushes its boundaries, different cultures whose cultural legacy is beyond any reach and experience virgin landscapes

Expedition: This would be first such expedition by Indian woman.

Expeditioner: Bharulata Kamble

Mode: Self-drive car without any modification.

Duration: 4 months

Distance to be covered: TBA

Start & End Point: UK to India

Nature of Expedition: Solo unaided, without back up crew and without back up vehicle.



Focus on reaching the remotest corners.