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The Gift of Life Drive- 2, the journey from Home to Home, from The Parliament in London to The Parliament in New Delhi will thunder across 50 countries, around 50,000 kilometres, the mountains, deserts, Prairieland of Scandinavia, Europe, Central Asia and South Asia. There will be no backup vehicle and no support crew, just a savvy and confident woman alone behind the wheel! She will be the first woman in the world to drive solo through the 50 countries in continuous journey in a shortest time. The journey will some of the highest mountains, major deserts and major forest, reaching the altitude of 13,000 -18,000 feet above the sea level will take only 4 months to complete.

The drive is an enormous undertaking and contagious thirst for discovery of the grandness of all that is possible in the world, so that other humans are inspired to discover and fulfill their utmost potentials. Showing the power of an individual, and what we are all proficient in doing, if we follow our heart through our action. The journey would be compiled in a book "My Transcontinental Odyssey" documenting the epic journey, creating an intriguing narrative to authentically connect followers and reader after the escapade.

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  • Expedition: This would be first such expedition by
       Indian woman.
  • Expeditioner: Bharulata Kamble
  • Mode: Self-drive car without any modification.
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Distance to be covered: TBA

  • Start & End Point: UK to India
  • Nature of Expedition: Solo unaided, without back
       up crew and without back up vehicle.
  • Self-reliant
  • Minimalistic
  • Focus on reaching the remotest corners.
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