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Cllr Rtn Mr Ramesh Srivastava

Cllr Mr Ramesh Srivastava is a senior councillor of Rugby city and is the former Mayor of Rugby city. Mr Srivastava attained B. Sc. (Mech. Eng.) University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Post Grad. Diploma (Turbine Technology) Rugby College of Engineering Technology, Rugby. Mr Srivastava also attained M. Sc. (IT for Management), University of Coventry, Coventry..

Mr Srivastava has been one of the strong pillar of the “Save Girls, Educate Girls” camping and Bharulata’s driving expedition, and is one of the key adviser to Bharulata.

Mr Srivastava lead distinguished career. He is Director and secretary, Benn Partnership Centre, Rugby. Mr Srivastava is a Justice of Peace (Judicial officer in the Magistrate court). Mr Srivastava also serves as governor of Avon Valley School. He is also Trustee, Indian Association, Rugby and Member of Standing & Advisory Committee for Religious Education in Warwickshire. Mr Srivastava is former Non-executive director of Rugby PCT and George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton.

Mr Srivastava is an active community volunteer engaged with schools and the Rotary club community activities. He has been involved with projects ranging from pothole issues - through to the Youth Hut, The new Medical Centre (due to start Jan 2018). He has improved living conditions in Patterdale and works to run a job club for local unemployed residents.

He has supported the development of local parks and helped it win green awards. Ram often can be seen undertaking litter picks and loves nothing more than engaging with his local community of which he is privileged to serve.

He has supported the development of local parks and helped it win green awards. Ram often can be seen undertaking litter picks and loves nothing more than engaging with his local community of which he is privileged to serve.

Mr Srivastava serves as a Chairman of The British Organisation for People of Asian Origin (BOPA).

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Mr Steve White MBE

Mr Steve White, MBE has a long and distinguished career Education and sports, culminating recently in the award of MBE by the Queen for services to education and sport. Mr White was born out of a family who valued people helping each other. His Mrs Nellie White was a Code Breaker in the Second World War serving eventually becoming an outstanding head teacher in Leicester in her own right.

Mr White is retired Principal of Rushey Mead Secondary School in Leicester, one of the foremost schools in the country. Since then he has been active as Chair of the School Development Support Agency (SDSA), a company created by central government to work with schools, local authorities and other government organisations to promote improvement. Under Mr White's chairmanship the SDSA has flourished, working to an effective social enterprise model for improvement through collaboration and partnerships with schools. This model has yielded many successful support services, intervention projects and programmes that improve the life chances of children. Mr White is influential in developing partnerships with schools and governments in other countries to enable global perspectives and intercultural and international understanding to contribute to improved education experience.

A successful teaching career has seen Mr White working in several schools in London and Leicester, peaking as the Principal of Rushey Mead Secondary School, establishing it as one of England’s leading Sports and Science Colleges. It was cited by the then Prime Minister as an exemplar of good practice for community cohesion and top academic qualifications.

Mr White also has substantial experience and a strong interest in the promotion and development of physical activity and sport through partnership activities and the development of facilities. He has been chair of the Sports Alliance and the Cultural Strategy and has worked with professional sports clubs, local organisations and government initiatives.

Mr White’s sporting endeavours have led to strong backing for the Young Athletes Programme and AimStrong Sport, organisations that promote physical literacy with young children. Having started his career in a special needs school, one of Steve’s great passions is the Special Olympics and meeting the needs of learners with disability.

Mr White also helped to set up the Rushey Mead Foundation to commemorate the devastating 2001 earthquake in Gujurat, India. Currently there are about 120 youngsters in Bhuj being educated in the newly built school by the Foundation.

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Cllr Mr Tahir Khan

Cllr Mr Tahir Khan, the former Mayor of Luton has a distinguished career from being journalist to politician. Mr Khan serves as the Board of Directors at London Luton Airport Limited and has served as cabinet lead member of children, families and education at Luton Borough Council. He has pioneered a number of community led initiatives in Luton and other authorities that have received national recognition.

Mr Khan is one of the first few supporters of Bharulata’s drive through the Arctic Circle and 32 countries and has been one of the key supporter of “save Girls, Educate Girls” campaign. During his mayoral term Mr Khan went extra mile to provide support to the campaign and did absolutely all that was within is regime to support the campaign and the drive. So far Mr Khan has provided immense support to the campaign and Bharulata’s driving expeditions and continue to do so.

His special interests include young people’s issues and providing opportunities for them to partake in positive activities. He has worked for local government for several years including at a senior management level.

Mr Khan is a board member of Bedfordshire fire and rescue services. He is the former service manager of Camden council and former principal community Education manage of Luton Borough Council. He also served Mr Khan also served as a school governor for over 15 years. He was a broadcast journalist of BBC three counties.

Mr Khan studies community management at University of Luton and studied Youth and community development at De Montfort University. He has lived in Luton for 25 years. He is highly community spirited and has been involved in youth and community work since the age of 16. He has been member of Luton Borough Council for over 10 years and has, upon his election, become the first Mayor of Luton from a Bangladeshi heritage.

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Anne Obi

General Manager

Anne Obi is the General Manager of this expedition and mainstay of the project. Anne is a highly motivated and proactive Project Leader who enjoys implementing projects, especially projects that will benefit communities. Her expertise includes Quality Assurance and Quality Management. Anne has extensive experience in project management and set-up and has worked with prestigious and notable institutions. Anne is actively involved in supporting the founders and other colleagues with strategic and operational planning. She is a project management specialist and a scientist. In the last 10 years, Anne has set up 50 academic establishments in 20 countries. Anne has extensive experience working with senior management at prestigious and large corporations across 5 industry sectors. She believes that the healthcare project supported through this expedition will be a project that will significantly benefit communities in rural parts of India, especially the poor and underprivileged; whereby access to free of cost affordable quality healthcare will be more commonplace.

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Mr.Chetan Desai

Logistics Manager

Mr Chetan Desai is a key support pillar in planning the logistical details of Bharulata Kamble’s solo car journey from England to India. Mr Chetan Desai was a traveler within the driving expedition, which took place in 2015, in a group of four friends who drove from Surat (India) to London. They covered 16000 km, in 52 Days from Surat to London, to experience and understand different cultures and different food related challenges. Mr Chetan Desai is a highly resourceful individual and was the key person in planning the logistical details of the 2015 Surat to London tour. Mr. Chetan Desai has a special interest in data analysis and computation. He has a deep knowledge of different software, is a highly techno-savvy individual and loves using these skills in daily life to make a difference. He takes immense pleasure in imparting his knowledge and delights in applying his expertise to help friends with their personal projects. Chetan Desai is a graduate in Chemistry. He is an entrepreneur and runs his own chemical unit known as Mukti Chemical Industry. He has mastered the art of converting phosphoric acid, which is a product of his chemical unit into fertilizers and using them in an increasing number of gardens and farms in his own factory and also supplying them to different sugar factories.

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Medha Joseph

Logistics Manager

Equipped with a keen financial acumen and an astute sense of route planning, Medha is pivotal in bringing all crazy travel ideas to life. Travelling is her raison d’être and she was instrumental in conceptualising and planning a self-drive expedition covering 15 countries in 57 days from India to Morocco via China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe with five other friends in June-July 2015, including Embarq’s other co-founder, Sujal Patwardhan. Medha drives a Toyota Land Cruiser and likes to explore places off the beaten track.

Before making travel her full-time career, she worked as finance professional for 11 years for world-renowned companies Mercedes-Benz, General Electric and Infosys. When she is not travelling, you will find Medha immersed in a David Baldacci’s book or painting a canvas.

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Purvi Naik

Chief co-ordinator

Purvi Naik is the co-ordinator for India of this expedition. She is also a qualified IT professional. Purvi, has been dedicated in conducting relevant research for this expedition to ensure the proficient execution of all activities within India. Her commitment and IT background have been invaluable in our strategic planning. Purvi is very instrumental to coordinating the fundraiser and supporting The ‘World Record 2016 Attempt’, the drive from the UK to India.

Purvi is a good communicator and enjoys dealing with people at all levels. Purvi has a strong commitment towards women empowerment and has volunteered to help Mrs Bharulata Kamble with her mission in a voluntary capacity as co-ordinator for India.