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The motivation behind the cancer drive is Bharulata’s current battle with the cancer. This adventurous drive is designed to raise much needed funds and awareness for cancers in South Asian females. After being diagnosed with cancer and going through the treatment Bharulata now travels for her cause. Supporting the Cancer Alert and Cancer Research UK, the trip will be a 20 day driving expedition of team of mum and two kids starting on 28 July 2018 called ‘The Arctic Baltic Cancer drive is an expedition’. Starting from London, the team will travel to the Arctic Circle to Baltic area, and back again. One vehicle, the team of mum and kids, 14 countries, and around 10,000 kilometres.

The team will drive through, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, then cross the Oresund Bridge to Malmo and up the south west coast of Sweden into Finland before heading to Nordkapp. The journey in to the Arctic Circle would begin from the iconic Santa Claus village Rovaniemi in Finland. The team would be travelling through narrow roller-coaster roads in Arctic Circle passing through 5 tunnels one of which would be 7 kilometres long going under the sea. The team would drive through the northernmost public tunnel in the world. The team would then head to the Baltic sea and travelling alongside Baltic sea on their return journey back to Arnold Academy.

The expedition would involve unique driving experience. The Arctic drive requires skill, good navigation and anticipation, finding the best route, and careful driving. The Arctic Baltic cancer drive will cross the whole of Scandinavia. In twenty days, approximately 10,000km will be travelled to a destination beyond the Arctic Circle. There are also a rest days on which the team will explore the area. The target is to reach the top of Europe at North Cape, to make it to the border with Arctic Russia, to experience Lapland. And, of course, there is the stark beauty of the landscape. Arctic Norway must be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In terms of latitude, the road gets to within nineteen and a half degrees of the North Pole.

The Arctic Highway is a relatively modern road; the product of an evolutionary process to give Norway a coherent and unbroken land link through its most remote Arctic regions. There is a sense of blissful isolation to the E6 highway in northern Norway, as it weaves through verdant forest, revealing lakes, rivers and backdrops of mountains with clouds billowing at their peaks.

With mid-summer’s day at the mid-point this will be a ‘daylight’ expedition. For at least a week of the expedition the sun will never set! No setting sun for a week, but the team would be stopping in Nordkapp for two nights before making their return journey.

The Arctic Circle is the outermost circle of latitude counted from the North Pole at which the sun does not set at the summer solstice. This phenomenon is called the midnight sun. It is also the outermost line, counted from the North Pole, that joins the points at which the sun does not rise above the horizon at the winter solstice. This phenomenon is called the polar night, midday darkness or midwinter dark. It is an area of outstanding beauty and home to the Sami people who are the indigenous population and have a deep-rooted culture farming the Reindeer.

The team won’t be back-tracking the roads they travelled on, but travelling south through Finland– different scenery, different people and different everything..

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Details of expedition and Expeditors

  • Expedition: This would be first such expedition in
       the Arctic Circle involving children woman.
  • Expeditioner: Bharulata Kamble, Priyam Kamble
       and Aarush Kamble
  • Mode: Self-drive car without any modification.
  • Distance to be covered: 5165 miles (8263

  • Start & End Point: Arnold Academy, Barton Le
       Clay, Bedfordshire
  • Nature of Expedition: Solo unaided, without back
       up crew and without back up vehicle..
  • Self-reliant
  • Minimalistic
  • Fund raising for cancer research UK combined with
       educational expedition for the school.
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