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Solo in The Arctic Circle

Bharulata Kamble, a first woman of Indian origin drove solo through The Arctic circle. She drove though some of the harshest terrain on earth and certainly showcased the grit and tenacity behind expediting. This was her first major expedition which was not only exciting but she was thrilled to explore the Arctic Circle.

She drove 2792 kilometres inside the Arctic circle in just 4 days with sleep time.This expedition was without any back up crew, back up team or a beck up vehicle. Her total driving time was 39 hour for driving of 2792, driving on an average 700 kilometres in a day. This was the first solo Arctic Circle Expedition by a woman solo.

She drove from the United Kingdom in her family car. She drove through France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland covering distance of 8492 kilometres. She reached the Arctic Circle to

Rovaneimi (Santa clause village) on 23rd September.

She drove Rovaneimi to the Nordkapp, whish is 307-metre-high (1,007 ft) cliff, which is commonly referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. From Nordkapp she continued with her drive further within the Arctic circle. She drove to Kilpisjarvi the point where three countries Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Bharulata visited maximum Arctic Circle monuments including Rovaniemi, Jokkmokk, Juoksengi, Kilpisjarvi, monumental highways, and most importantly the Nordkapp.

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