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Bharulata Kamble

Prospective World Record Holder

Bharulata a mother of two and a wife of busy medical practitioner (Surgeon) is passionate driver, explorer and ardent for long distance driving. She is inquisitive, adventurous and finds crossing land borders fascinating. The quest to push boundaries in her is innate. As part of Bharulata’s core mission to highlight the significance of women empowerment, this world record drive will make good use of Bharulata’s proficient driving skills. She is very determined to accomplish the UK to India drive to raise awareness of issues, which greatly affect the society, particularly in India.

On many occasions Bharulata has completed long and demanding car journeys in emergency situations. She recalls one instance where, whilst pregnant, without hesitation; she did over 1700 kilometers return trip from Southern England to Aberdeen, Scotland in less than 18 hours! Her husband had unfortunately missed his flight to Aberdeen and needed to be in Scotland before morning. Bharulata didn’t hesitate to remedy the situation, by getting in the family car to start driving to Aberdeen, Scotland straight away! This is certainly someone who has stamina, willpower and focus and this is especially true when it comes to her long-distance driving.

Bharulata firmly believes that driving and being mobile is the first sign of empowerment. She strongly believes and wishes to advocate, especially in India, where driving is considered mainly a man's domain, that mobility is key for women to integrate with the socio-economic fabric of the country. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment one of the Millennium Goals as laid out by the United Nations, Bharulata is set to promote empowerment of women via her forthcoming solo drive.

Bharulata is a visionary, passionate and determined lady, doing her best to help and support the underprivileged, the poor and deprived in society. She firmly believes in giving back to the society. The cause of girls’ education is very dear to her. Her passion for people is apparent in all she does and her compassion is a beautiful exhibit thereof.

Bharulata believes that every girl has right to life and should have right to education. Origin of girl child is an origin of mother of next generation. Mothers are the first educator of their children and educator of next generation. Educated girls are the force to move forward the world. Education is the way to change the world. Education sustains human values. It forms the foundation for learning and critical thinking. Education also provides skills for girls to become more self-reliant and provides them with more opportunities.

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Purvi Naik

Chief co-ordinator

Purvi Naik is the co-ordinator for India of this expedition. She is also a qualified IT professional. Purvi, has been dedicated in conducting relevant research for this expedition to ensure the proficient execution of all activities within India. Her commitment and IT background have been invaluable in our strategic planning. Purvi is very instrumental to coordinating the fundraiser and supporting The ‘World Record 2016 Attempt’, the drive from the UK to India.

Purvi is a good communicator and enjoys dealing with people at all levels. Purvi has a strong commitment towards women empowerment and has volunteered to help Mrs Bharulata Kamble with her mission in a voluntary capacity as co-ordinator for India.

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Mr.Chetan Desai

Logistics Manager

Mr Chetan Desai is a key support pillar in planning the logistical details of Bharulata Kamble’s solo car journey from England to India. Mr Chetan Desai was a traveler within the driving expedition, which took place in 2015, in a group of four friends who drove from Surat (India) to London. They covered 16000 km, in 52 Days from Surat to London, to experience and understand different cultures and different food related challenges. Mr Chetan Desai is a highly resourceful individual and was the key person in planning the logistical details of the 2015 Surat to London tour. Mr. Chetan Desai has a special interest in data analysis and computation. He has a deep knowledge of different software, is a highly techno-savvy individual and loves using these skills in daily life to make a difference. He takes immense pleasure in imparting his knowledge and delights in applying his expertise to help friends with their personal projects. Chetan Desai is a graduate in Chemistry. He is an entrepreneur and runs his own chemical unit known as Mukti Chemical Industry. He has mastered the art of converting phosphoric acid, which is a product of his chemical unit into fertilizers and using them in an increasing number of gardens and farms in his own factory and also supplying them to different sugar factories.

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Medha Joseph

Logistics Manager

Equipped with a keen financial acumen and an astute sense of route planning, Medha is pivotal in bringing all crazy travel ideas to life. Travelling is her raison d’être and she was instrumental in conceptualising and planning a self-drive expedition covering 15 countries in 57 days from India to Morocco via China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe with five other friends in June-July 2015, including Embarq’s other co-founder, Sujal Patwardhan. Medha drives a Toyota Land Cruiser and likes to explore places off the beaten track.

Before making travel her full-time career, she worked as finance professional for 11 years for world-renowned companies Mercedes-Benz, General Electric and Infosys. When she is not travelling, you will find Medha immersed in a David Baldacci’s book or painting a canvas.

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Anne Obi

General Manager

Anne Obi is the General Manager of this expedition and mainstay of the project. Anne is a highly motivated and proactive Project Leader who enjoys implementing projects, especially projects that will benefit communities. Her expertise includes Quality Assurance and Quality Management. Anne has extensive experience in project management and set-up and has worked with prestigious and notable institutions. Anne is actively involved in supporting the founders and other colleagues with strategic and operational planning. She is a project management specialist and a scientist. In the last 10 years, Anne has set up 50 academic establishments in 20 countries. Anne has extensive experience working with senior management at prestigious and large corporations across 5 industry sectors. She believes that the healthcare project supported through this expedition will be a project that will significantly benefit communities in rural parts of India, especially the poor and underprivileged; whereby access to free of cost affordable quality healthcare will be more commonplace.