Tertiary care hospital in Tribal Zone

Even though not formally trained in the medical field, Bharulata has profound knowledge in this field as well as enthusiasm to make a difference in the society through the filed of medicine.  Having worked on various documentaries in the medical fields of India, she recognized the gap in the health system and medical education. Her research brought to her attention that there is certainly a requirement for a greater number of doctors than is currently produced in India.

Bharulata identified that there is a complete contrast between healthcare in urban and rural India. Having closely worked with UK and Australian doctors by way of documentaries, Bharulata has identified the gap in the training of Indian and overseas doctors. This became a source of determination for Bharulata to bring the world-class state-of-the-art health, education and care of international standards to the doorstep of her roots. Her native region is a major tribal belt, surrounded by a tribal area, and the access to good healthcare for the tribal people is only a dream. Being from the same region and due to her media work Bharulata has closely witnessed the sufferings of people from her region and witnessed that the people needed to travel many hours for the ptertiary care facilities.

Bharulata is strong, resolute, tough, spirited and at the same time has a tender heart, which instantly reaches out to help the needy. The revolutionist hidden in Bharulata became determined to make a meaningful contribution to the society. This project is borne out of Bharulata’s determination and commitments to fulfill the gap and bring her native place ‘on the map’ in terms of quality healthcare and healthcare education. Bharulata is determined to turn her dream into reality, and with her art of influencing people, her leadership and passion, Bharulata gathered a team of the best national and international professionals, who shared her philosophy to provide and set up an institute, while pushing research boundaries to enhance student and patient outcomes in the field of medical sciences.