Short Biography of Bharulata Kamble

Bharulata is a dynamic, determined, creative, multi-talented and down to earth personality. She is one of the finest examples of women  empowerment and considered as a role model by many females in India and overseas.

Childhood was tough for Bharulata. Having lost her father at young age, life brought many struggles. While most children have parents that drive and encourage their child's creative that was not the case for Bharulata. Despite this, she displayed a talent for creativity and performing at a young age. Her grandfather was the first person who saw and recognised her talent, often encouraged her to sing or tell stories in the community functions. Bharulata’s enthusiasm opened opportunities for her to perform in her school, community and at various platforms over the years. At just fourteen years of age she produced a piece of work that was considered worth being published. Bharulata has never looked back and her success journey continued.

While it was difficult to manage her academics and bring in an income at a young age, creativity, dance and music were never far from her mind. In her spare time, Bharulata would practice dance, practice singing and attempt to write stories.

Sometimes when one wants to follow a dream one has to go out on their own, do their own thing and make their own way. Bharulata commenced training in Indian classical dance (Bhartnatyam) and music. She continued to receive opportunities to act and participated in stage shows and competitions during her academic years. Her enthusiasm and self-confidence gave her opportunities to direct short plays on stage during her youth. Bharulata briefly appeared as a fashion model for Indian fashion in the UK. She joined the India performing arts in London where she continued her Indian classical dance and music training under the renowned and international award winner dancer, singer, actor and storyteller Guru Surya Kumari. Bharulata, participated and organized many dance workshops, stage shows and cultural programmes with her Guru Surya Kumari in the UK. Bharulata and Surya Kumari shared a wonderful mother and daughter type relationship along with their teacher student relationship.

Higher education followed as a part time and external student, whilst working full time. She qualified from The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, UK and became an associate member of The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Bharulata continued further study in Law at the University of London.

Accolades and recognition have consistently come Bharulata's way and her active involvement in her community led her to being selected as a youth representative of the committee. Her leadership skills and art to influence people made her a leader of the commercial service union for government officers, UK, during her employment within UK government.

Bharulata’s entrepreneurial skills have seen Bharulata launch Devharsh Productions (film and documentary production company). Wanting more, Bharulata quickly learnt how fickle the industry could be. To take Devharsh Productions into the future Bharulata embarked on producing documentaries and films under her banner. Bharulata has written, produced and directed many documentaries. Some of them are: Lonar Lake, “Where the star fell to earth,” Savitribai Phule, Dave“O”, My Ganesha, Baba Shivaji, The Bridge, Janjira, 360 degrees, The day in life of a doctor and Love marriage. Devharsh Productions is presently involved in a number of projects at various stages of development, pre-production and in production.

Bharulata is strong, resolute, tough, spirited and at the same time has a tender heart, which instantly reaches out to help the needy. The revolutionist hidden in Bharulata always wanted to make a difference in society. Bharulata is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. She uses her personal funds to provide support to the needy. Bharulata has raised her voice against social injustice. Bharulata is an active campaigner on equality and human rights issues. She has spoken across the world on both issues. Bharulata is closely involved with many charities with a special emphasis on those working for equality.

Bharulata’s high intellectuality and thorough knowledge put her in to position of a chairperson and panel member for many intellectual meetings, conferences and discussions on equality and woman empowerment. She has provided her opinion and advice on many important discussions and issues. She has chaired many discussions on the empowerment of women and equality. Bharulata had a major road traffic accident, which brought a halt to her life and activities. It was a harsh blow and there was a growing tide of "friendly" advice telling her to give it all up. Nobody could understand why creativity and making difference in the lives of others meant so much to her, even she couldn't explain it but it was a feeling she just couldn't let go of. One of Bharulata’s true passions was storytelling, dance and music. Her fighting spirit led her to join music guru Deepika Shom in Melbourne Australia where she continued her music practice whilst recovering from injuries sustained in the accident.

Accolades and recognition led Bharulata being considered as a prominent personality within the Indian community of Australia, during her stay in Australia. Bharulata was regularly invited to and attended functions arranged by the High commission of India to Australia. She was invited by the Premier of Victoria (Chief Minister) Mr John Brumby to attend a reception at the Parliament House in Victoria, Melbourne where she sang Indian National anthem in the parliament of Victoria, Australia. She was invited by the Indian High Commissioner, as a special guest to meetings with ministerial delegates from India to Australia. Bharulata has been an active member of the India Australia Business Council and of the India Australia business negotiation team.

With her leadership and passion Bharulata gathered thousands of members of the general public, ministers, MLAs and MPs under one roof for her causes for Lonar Crater world heritage nomination. In 2010, a major rally was organized under the leadership of Bharulata. This gathering comprised politicians, common people, college students and schools. Bharulata is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Bharulata is enthusiastic in connecting with people to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need and to stand for equality and justice.

In recognition of her commitment toward the society, in 2011 Tata Brothers felicitated Bharulata with a crown in a grand function at world famous and legendary Hotel Taj Palace, Mumbai. Bharulata is the winner of the Dr Ambedkar International award. Prior to Bharulata this prestigious award was given to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Park of South Korea. Bharulata has been honoured twice with a paghadi (turban). Honouring a female with a Paghadi in Maharashtra is one of the greatest honours. Bharulata has seen f felicitated with several awards for honor. On 68th Independence Day of India, Bharulata was invited as chief guest for the Independence Day ceremony organized by the Pune municipal corporation and was honoured do the flag hoisting.

Bharulata took up the cudgel against racism. Bharulata’s efforts have been eulogized in the local as well as international press and television. Bharulata intended that part of all the income from Devharsh Productions would go towards the society to make a difference in the lives of people who are in need.

Bharulata Kamble is a real life story of determination, perseverance, bravery, tenacity and indomitable courage of a lone woman fighter who rose from the lowest strata of life to capture the ivory towers. Bharulata has a very progressive motivated and results-driven nature. She is a creative, energetic and enthusiastic film producer who is committed to producing unequalled, captivating films and documentaries. She is a hard-core revolutionist, who raised her voice on several issues, which ranges from getting world heritage status for Lonar Lake, getting international recognition for Janjira fort, to uplift and fight for equality and justice. Within the home she is an industrious and resourceful family woman and outside the home she is a courageous and resilient leader and inspiration to many females.