In January 2018 Bharulata became aware of the PM Modiji’s visit to London to attend London Commonwealth Summit in April 2018. She was enthusiastic but could not demonstrate my enthusiasm to her team due to her forthcoming cancer surgery and uncertainties of her health associated with such type of surgery. Needless to say, as soon as she returned back to UK from India she became over occupied with various hospital visits in readiness for surgery and further associated treatments. This resulted her having to leave the plans for PM welcome till last minute, and she felt if she is well enough to do something by April 2018, then certainly the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls) campaigner team would be able to handle things even at last minute. She discussed this with her coordinator Mrs Sulekha Davda, who agreed with her, and assured her that the team has confidence on Bharulata’s last-minute planning and coming up with ideas at last minute, and they will assist her if something is planned by the community.

In the meantime, unexpectedly she ended up having to have a second surgery in March and the things became uncertain as to whether she will be well enough to even meet her team. Due to sentinel node biopsy, initially she lost sensation in her right arm ultimately resulting in loss of partial strength in her right arm, which meant her driving ability was restricted. On top of it this she was due to receive her histology report on 6th April 2018 and it turned out to be that they could not remove the cancer even at the second surgery. She was devastated with the news but in her attempt to remain in her positive outlook she started to drive again on 6th April with restricted strength in her right arm. This gave her the confidence to drive and she managed to visit Sulekha’s house on 8th April 2018. We are grateful to our core team who managed to come together just at 30 minutes notice. The core team met on 8th April 2018 to plan the welcome. The meeting was sponsored by Mrs Sulekha Davda at her home. We are grateful to Mamtaben, Veenaben, Bhartiben, Jayshreeben, Minakshiben for supporting the preparation.

As always, Bharulata was clear that we must do something different but the time was not by our side. She conveyed her idea that lets welcome the PM Modi ji with the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls) campaign close to his heart. The team welcomed her suggestion and agreed that we also wear signature red saree. After the brainstorming, we recognised that red saree might prove a little challenge as many of the member will be joining, taking half day off from work, so the team altered our suggestion and suggested that the core team wear red and all other supporter can arrive in any colour their choice. The team agreed to remain autonomous from any other groups to welcome the PM Modi ji our own way.

It is extremely gratifying that in less than 10 days the team managed to pull along over 150 members of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls)’ campaigners, based in UK, who descended on Parliament square in London to give the PM Modi an elated and colourful welcome in UK. Many of those attended had taken a leave from work. Bharulata was recognised by number of people in the crowd and some of her fans and followers who were inspired by her road journey and efforts to promote the campaign, also join the team, which increased the numbers.

As our signature colour red, majority of the team arrived in London in red clothing (not necessarily in saree, including some supporter attended in different colours), with the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls) banners and photos of Mr Modi from many parts of UK. The unusual welcome event was led by Mrs Bharulata Patel-Kamble and was co-ordinated by Mrs Sulekha Davda.

The message of 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls)’ reached Britain's shores in 2016 when Bharulata commenced her solo drive through the Arctic Circle and 32 countries promoting the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Girls, Educate Girls)’ campaign initiated by The Prime Minister Mr Modi. Bharulata has been raising awareness of ‘Save Girls, Educate Girls’ on international platform through her various drives, supported by her large team of women.

The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save girls, Educate Girls) campaigners in UK condemn all rapes, anywhere in the world. Rapes are the most heinous condemnable crimes anywhere in the world and killer of all those innocent girls should receive harsh punishment. Even a single rape is too many and must be stopped.

As the leader of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ campaign in UK, Bharulata states that despite lower rate of rapes per 100000 population compared to countries like USA, UK, South Africa and many Islamic countries; (at least 15 times) higher rape rate in the most advanced and the most powerful countries than India), India seem to be targeted by global media possibly to destabilise India. Whole Hind community and whole India is painted as the most rapist with the help of many exaggerated stories. Everyone seem to be jumping on the wagon with kind of coverage across the globe.

Bharulata wish to reiterate that ‘Let our genuine outrage against rapes not become a missile to destroy India, whereas the more severe rape problems are elsewhere’. This is the time that we must stand with our motherland, Bharat, work toward the change. Change happens when nation stands together in one! Pointing finger at one person alone is not going to change anything.

For centuries women have been oppressed and put through abuse. There are already strict laws in place for rape. But as the PM Modi ji said,’ question your son, like daughters are questioned’. If we want a better society then the change must begin from our own homes. It is high time we educate our boys about equality and women’s rights. We are grateful to the honourable PM for speaking up and taking a stance on rapes in India. We are grateful to the PM for providing the assurance that the culprits will be brought to justice. Indians, both in India and around the globe, have been galvanized to view the Indian future with great deal of enthusiasm, despite the vast challenges Mr Modi continue to face. This is result of his number of progressive initiatives, such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Swatch Bharat, Saubhagya scheme to provide power to all, his drive for equal rights for women to economic policies and dramatically improved ease of doing business in India and many schemes. The team recorded thier proposal for the PM Modi ji as follows:

1) Capital punishment for all rape cases.

2) Dedicated police team at each district to handle and investigate rape cases and any cases of violence against females of all ages.

3) Introduction of fast track courts to swift dealing of rape cases and case of violence against females of all ages.

4) Strict guidelines at all big and small police station to enter FIR for rape cases and case of violence against female of all ages.

Bharulata was due to attend her scheduled medical attention so had planned to leave the parliament square between 2pm to 2.30pm. This was delayed slightly and the meantime the team became aware that the flag of India was dishonoured, taken down and torn by anti-India group in presence of police force. This erupted anger in us and she ended up remaining until 3.30pm being late for my appointment.

Bharulata then wrote a letter to the Metropolitan police and Mayor of London condemning the act of silence by the Metropolitan police, London when the flag of India the Tricolour was removed by the anti-India protestor in presence of police, from the display at the parliament Square in London along with other common wealth counties flags. It was shocking to see the police remaining silent on act of criminal damage, vandalism a breach of peace and act an act of disrespect and desecration at a time of commonwealth Head of Government meeting in London.

Bharulata is known for her patriotism and her current cancer battle could not stop her from organising the welcome for our PM Modi ji. She was at the hospital day before and same evening she had to return back for my scheduled medical attention.

The message, 'Save Girl, Educate Girls', is close to her heart. It's been perceived that Indian women are not active in adventure activities, and she is keen to break that perception through her journey’.

The issue of the empowerment of the girl child is an issue very close to her heart. But she thinks we must also strive to continually empower ourselves throughout our life – go out, get active, have adventures and push yourself to your limit. It’s an amazing way to discover yourself. And once you discover yourself, you become a huge asset not just to your family but wider society as well’.

Be bold and be the change’ is the motto that drives Bharulata, she feel inequality will continue as long as we allow it to continue, and women need their own space and equal rights to achieve their goals and conquer the world.

No event can become successful without great team and equally capable team leader and once again the team demonstrated the strength. We humbly remain grateful to our great team Sulekha Davda Jayshree Raval Mamta Kariia Veena Subramaniam Minaxi Pandya Bhartiben.

A very special thanks to Anita Ruparelia Krishna Pujara Nitinbhai Nitin Mehta Inna Parekh , Kalpanaben, Kalpana Valani, Nutanben Ruparelia, Mr G B Guniraj Vyas , Mrs Sudarshan Vyas, Chetna Desai Divya Patel Meeta Joshi Varsha Mistryand all supporter who have always stood by us and supporting the Save Girls, Educate Girls campaign. The team grateful to the supporters who joined the team from taking time out of their busy schedule.