31st August 2016 onwards turned out to be the darkest time of my life. On 31st August last year couple of my so-called supporters showed the ugly and dark side of the human being. Jealousy was at its peak and they tried to sabotage my entire world record journey.

Off course they were not successful in their ill intentions but still to their victory they managed to put a stop to my journey for two weeks. These individuals attempted to turn the entire media against me. Nasty emails were sent to my strong supporters, media were provided with misleading and wrong information to the extent that my whole journey was named as scam. My whole world was turned upside down. Those who did it were perhaps not aware of my strength and dedication. But I still had to pay hefty price for their ill deeds and intentions. My trip was delayed and due to this the entire timetable became frenzy, which I had to work strenuously to bring it on line. My date for crossing the Torugart pass between Kyrgyzstan and China got delayed to the extent that I crossed the border just few days before it’s closure for winter. The weather had become very severe, roads became snowy, icy and the temperature plunged down well below -20 degrees. Those two weeks were worst weeks of my life as I was emotionally shattered, mentally drained out and constantly thinking that how low someone can stoop against a female who is set to create history. Irony was that I couldn’t even inform everyone, couldn’t share things with all my supporters. I was suffocating from the deception I got, the backstabbing I had to face. As I have always believed in good deeds and god, some of the saviours came for my rescue. My husband who has always supported me was there to listen to me, give me shoulder when I cried and be with me through tough time. Mr Guniraj Vyas, a retired CA, Mr Kamal Acharya of Diverse FM radio, my best friend Anne, Mr Ramesh Shrivastav, Ex-Mayor of Rugby city, Mr Sanjay Jagatiya, Hindu council UK and Mr Mahendra Jadeja stood by me, listen to me and guided me in those tough weeks. I would particularly highlight Mr Ramesh Shrivastav, who is my respected senior, with whom I shared every detail of this episode and followed every bit of his advice.

 In my next post, I would elaborate the events in little details but please look out for my forthcoming book. Many say that my journey went through so many dramatic phases that it seems like a Bollywood plot and astonishingly similar to Bollywood movies I also had heros and villains during and after my journey. However, our heros asdisted towards successful compketion of the journey and villains were defeated. I get chance previously to illustrate this painful experience neither the time was right at a time. But whilst looking at today’s date all those bad memories became fresh and fingers automatically started typing. At a time, I did not want to confront those individuals as I wanted to give them crisp reply by completing my world record journey, which I did!