After an eventful day of the flag off ceremony (when my day had began 4am and ended on 12.30am next morning), my mind and body certainly deserved a rest. I therefore took it easy next day and woke up at 8am. Yet another bright day, to start off with the journey.

 Mr Ashwinbhai Soni had organized my visit and welcome at the temple in Cardiff, at a short notice following not being able to attend the temple on the day of arrival in Cardiff. Naturally our friends (who were hosting us) deserved our time with them, so we decided to take it easy and have breakfast with them. Dr Mandar Joshi took time out of his busy medical practice to be with us to demonstrate his support for my mission. We are always grateful to Dr Mandar and Kirti Joshi for their unconditional friendship. Dr Mandar Joshi is my husband’s best friends and the godfather (legal guardian in our absence) to both of our boys. Children had fun with their god father and little Rohan to who they call god brother.

Soon after the breakfast we commenced our journey towards the temple but due to unforeseen demand of children we arrived at the temple later than our proposed time. Needless to say, we kept in touch with temple about the delays. Lovely ladies waited for arrival at the temple and remained ready to welcome me. Once again I was humbled by the enthusiasm of the ladies, their love, affection and willingness to provide their support to my mission. With few emotional spells (during the conversation about my granddad) I gave detailed speech about my journey and how I was inspired to do something I was doing. By this time it was nearly lunchtime so the ladies insisted us in having lunch with them. They had already prepared a snake, which was changed in to lunch some additional preparation. Their humbleness was as such that we could not resist but to spend more time with them and to have lunch. Time just few by in listing the ladies and talking about my journey and the future plans of the campaign after the journey. It was time to say good bye to those lovely ladies with memories of photos we took together. They packed snakes for us for the onwards journey.

We left the temple after the lunch to visit the Cardiff city center. It was a crowded day being the bank holiday weekend and sun shining. With some difficulties in parking the vehicle we manage to tour around the Cardiff and do some photo shoot. Here are some photos of my fond visit to Wales in this expedition.

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