I managed to catch up slightly and was running in time to reach the temple by 8pm, but due to roadwork on M74 and exit closure we could not take our desired exit. My GPS also got confused, which resulted in taking me to different route than my planned route.

After another eventful day in Cardiff, I headed towards our next destination, the beautiful Scotland. Since we were late in leaving the Cardiff (after lunch), it was anticipated that other than stopping for necessary breaks we would have avoid any unnecessary delays. Little community get to gather was organised at the Hindu temple in Edinburg so I was certainly racing against the time, hoping to reach the temple by 7.00pm. I was still running as per the time but we then faced huge traffic jam on M50 which took significant amount to time. We then arrived on M5 and faced another traffic jam. By this stage I realized that I had no chance to arrive at temple by 7.00pm but had not stored temple number to inform them about the at least an hour delay. One of the supporter of Gift of Life Drive Dr Vipin Zamwar (Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Scotland) phone to enquire about our whereabouts. I was relived to ask him to inform the temple about our lateness in arrival. Dr Zamwar insisted us staying with them. It is rare we meet such kind hearted people in life so we felt honoured to be hosted by Dr Zamwar and family.

Dr Zamwar was concerned about our whereabouts and I did not get an opportunity to stop at safe place to locate my location on phone. Dr Zamward continued to speak to me on the phone but I was not able to provide him my location details in dark night. I had no option but to continue driving as per the GPS, which made us, take several rounds around the same area. By this stage there was absolutely no way for us to reach the temple by even 8.30pm let alone 8.00pm. During this process I realised that I ran out of fuel completely and had no option but to fill it up within 10 miles only. At least we manage to stop for fuel and able to locate my exact location to be able to work out the route. It turned out that we were taken completely opposite side of Glasgow for alternative route. I managed to work out my route on my mobile and commenced driving on new route, ultimately arriving at Dr Zamvar’s house at 10.30pm. The food was waiting for us so lovingly. Time flew by in conversation about my trip and details about entire trip. Once again it was late night for me for busy day ahead next day.

We are grateful to Dr Zamwar and the family for their lovely hospitality and lovely memories to cherish.