What a pleasant surprise to receive the community award as a “Role Model of The Year. It is truly gratifying to be recognised as a Role Model of the Year by the community of Third largest town of UK and one of the most diverse town.

I am thankful to the Luton town community for this recognition and thank to all those who made this journey successful. I am proud and humbled for having been appreciated and acknowledged for the work. Thankful to all those because of who I reached this milestone, to those who believed in my abilities and those who supported my desired to undertake something that was considered impossible. The journey would not have been possible without my family well- wishers and supporters. Journey thus far has been very educative and wonderful with many ups and down but it has borne a wonderful fruit. I dreamt big, worked hard and achieved what I set out to achieve. Each time a milestone is achieved, it makes the journey more exciting. It was an incredible evening attended by several VIPs . It is truly a blessing being recognised by large number of people at the event.

When I decided to drive through the Arctic circle and 32 counties, I was alone, no support and no one believed that I could do it, but I had absolute faith in myself. I did not feel any fear, but it was a huge undertaking, and wasn't something I could take lightly. But I did it with a grace. I planned meticulously, executed with perfection and succeeded with pride. I lived the life I have always wanted to and enjoyed every bit of my journey. And that is what one can create; when we follow our passion. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic and nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Someone once said there is no force equal to that of a determined woman.

As always it is my pledge to do something outside my comfort zone, to share my support and do something purposeful.

It is certainly great honour to be recognised as the Role model of the year in a British community for a girl who started her journey from a rural village of Gujarat state of India. Even though this is not the end stop of my journey and many such stepping stones I aim to achieve, looking back at where I came from, I certainly feel very humble that I have been able to inspire millions people and millions of girls across the globe. This is just the beginning.........