The family who fled the Indian part of Pakistan during the division, in only the clothes they were wearing, helped by a Muslim family to flee the Pakistan, who’s son is recipient of fourth highest civilian award in UK and served as The Lord Mayor of City Coventry, UK.

They left the Pakistan in the last train that left from Pakistan. Last few compartments were set on fire but fortunately Lakha family were in only one compartment before the compartment that were in fire.

Cllr Ram Lakha OBE was the first British Indian Deputy Lord Mayor to serve the City of Coventry and is the former Lord Mayor of Coventry City. It was truly an honour to have Mr Lakha as our family friends and privilege to visit him at his home and to interact with Mr Lakha and the family. As always, each of our interactions ends up in hours of happy conversations.

Cllr Mr Ram Lakha is a role model for the younger generation. Mr Lakha came from a very poor and deprived background and has proved what can be achieved through hard work and determination. Cllr Mr Ram Lakha was born into a poor family in India and in his young life he worked as a labourer in order to fund his education. After graduating he worked as a civil servant before migrating to England to marry Mrs Meto Lakha. The couple certainly complemented each other and are truly made for each other. Mr Lakha has worked tirelessly for the community through the lifetime service he has rendered to the citizens of his City. He truly is to be commended for his dedication, energy and steadfast approach which has touched so many people”.

Cllr Mr Ram Lakha is a director and chair person of many organisation, the list is end less……He has been the governor of various schools and colleges. Cllr Mr Ram Lakha supports various Charities to help the young people for employment to raise funds and awareness. He also supported "Globle Care" and "Sewa International" to raise funds for the homeless people who were the victims of Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka and India. Ram also supported to raise funds to support the victims of earthquake in Pakistan in 2005. Locally he supported Asian Blind Association. He encouraged the development of the "Tooth" a project to support young people which is part of YMCA and supported it financially from Lord Mayor's budget. To help the low paid workers in textile industry in Coventry and to provide the support to textile industry Mr Lakha, as Chairman of Clothing Resources Centre introduced the "Charter" for the local textile businesses.

Mr Lakha was a Shadow Cabinet Member for Customer, Workforce and Legal Services. Previously he held various responsibilities. He also served as Treasurer of Fedration of Indian Organisations UK. Mr Lakha sits on various Executive Committees. He is now a full time Councillor and enjoys working with community. He is currently a non-executive Director of Social Housing organisation called Whitefriars Housing which owns and manages over seventeen thousands houses in Coventry. Similarly he is a non-executive director of Culture Coventry which runs Motor Museum, Herbert Art Gallery, Old Grammar school and Lunt Ford. And he is a school governor for more that quarter of century.