welcome at my native village Aat

The best and very emotional welcome at my native village Aat, District Navsari, Gujarat. I am grateful to the honourable Mr R C Patel (MLA and Whip for Gujarat Assembly) and Mr Kaushik Patel (Taluka Pramukh) for organising this honour.

The Taluka head received me at Navsari and escorted me to my native village, followed by youngsters from Navsari on their bikes. Over 3 thousand people from many parts had gathered around. Grand marquee was erected. I was felicitated by the honourable Mr R C Patel, the first citizen of village Mrs Chetna Patel and others. Various people felicitated me with a thousands of flowers, hundreds of bouquets and flowers, which were brought for me. It was just like a flower garden. People were queuing up to felicitate me. What a welcome at my native village.

The interaction was perhaps the most special one, where I addressed thousands of people of my native village from where my ancestors originated and made their ways in to varies parts of India and the world. Huge number of surrounding village heads were present and various taluka heads were also in attendance.

Number of teachers who had taught me as young girl, who had retired and moved away, made a point to attend the event from various parts of Gujarat. Many of my teachers were in tears of joy that the girl they taught made them proud. Some of the teachers could not control their emotions and busted in tears as I approached to greet them. Tears were rolling down from the eyes of the current principal and teachers of my school (despite many teachers were meeting me for the first time). It was very emotional and truly an honour to receive such welcome. I was certainly speechless in response to love and affection I received. I am grateful to the honourable Mr R C Patel, Aat Kelavni Mandal, Jalalpor Taluka administration and everyone who organised this grand scale welcome. My sincere gratitude to one and all.

No matter whatever I achieve and wherever I reach in life, I would still be that little girl for my village, my teachers and my people. This was the biggest platform, I could ever get, “to address my native place”. What a wonderful day, I enjoyed every moment of it thoroughly. I didn’t realise but I spoke for over one and half hours but not a single person moved despite it was hot and nearly a lunch time. I spoke in details about my views and vision for education especially for girls’ educations. I provided my guidance and offered all my help and support anytime they require me to. I would be willing to even make a special trip to provide.