Grand Welcome at Dandi

the famous Dandi for Mahatma Gandhi's salt protest. The great Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British rule burdening the people of India nation with ugliest revenue policy the "Salt Tax" at this place. The Dandi March was a significant step towards freedom and

it marked the first time that the masses rose up against the injustice of the British government. It depicted the determination and the perseverance of the Indian people.

It was a very proud and emotional moment for me to be honoured at this historical place. It gave me immense strength to take my mission further for "Save girls, educate girls", the mission for freedom of the girls from the foeticide, child marriages and the restrictions on females to make them weak section of the society.

I felt very fortunate to be from the same area where this greatest Satyagrah of mankind was fought. When me and my car were next to this greatest monument, there was a feeling of pride, satisfaction and fulfilment of my journey. Jai jai Garvi Gujarat.