Strong girls strong world

Driving around town is an everyday occurrence for many women, but what about driving into territory beyond your borders? Do we have a fear of driving outside our comfort zone? Do we worry about getting lost or even worse? A woman traveling alone threatens tradition and propriety. And because women often doubt themselves, we stay toward safe harbors and

soft landings, hiding behind the needs and wants of others.

I feel all passionate women should drive long distances at least once in their life. Driving is a life-changing experience. Being by yourself, it is a moment of reckoning. You have hours to think. Those hours and hours and hours behind the wheel with only yourself and music is as transformative as round-the-world travel. When to set off in the morning, what music to play, waking up every morning with no one’s agenda but your own. The changing landscape, the weather, the horizon, the rolling hills, the flatness, the mountains, the clouds, the sky, the grass, the desert, street lights, bad roadside attractions; with only yourself to filter these things through, they become more profound.

I believe I could make such a journey and many women like me can. Many people are ready to convince me I could not, but what matters to me is my family. With the support of my family I am ready to embark on the journey.