Lovely brief outing with kids to McDonalds followed by long drive. Two weeks today following my second surgery and I drove for the first time. It felt like roads were just so inviting. Had a doctor’s appointment, YES doctors appointment!

(in UK doctors are not allowed to treat their family members so we have to be treated by another doctor and my hubby cannot treat us).It is Easter school break so took kids with me. My well-behaved kids patiently waited until I was dealt with. My 10 years old has been making me tea every morning, and both boys have been looking after me so nicely. I have been feeling a bit guilty for them, having to spend their school break at home with PS4, iPads etc and not had much fun going out and about.

I offered them to take them to McDonalds. The sparkles in their eyes was just priceless. Despite some disability of my right arm following Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, I could not resist in taking them for long drive and proud to say we covered about 25 miles radius.

How the life changes was an example of today. I am known for my parking skills and known to be able to park in extremely tight spots including manoeuvring the vehicle in a small space, but today I had a little difficulty in getting the vehicle out of the parking spot of the McDonalds. I am sure this would not last much longer and hopefully I will be back to normal radar very soon. A Gypsy woman had blocked the McDonald drive through for some dispute with the staff, so we had no option but to get out of the vehicle to go inside. Boys were curious to know more about Gypsys, which led me in to making our long drive an educational session, talking about Gypsy origin, their migration, life style etc including talking about Indian Nomadic Tribes and general Tribes. Kids enjoyed the talk and now they are both busy reading about Gypsys, Nomadic Tribes and different tribal group on google. It was lovely time outside home after a break of two weeks.

I am not at the finish line quite yet with my cancer, but focusing on maintaining a sense of normalcy in my life is helping me to get through this. But at the core of everything is the silver linings. It will continue to carry me to the last page of this chapter of my life.