I had my second surgery for cancer last week and remained indoor. Since I was given the news of requirement for more surgeries and the cancer had not cleared at first surgery, I have not broken down cry or questioned why.It is not because I am unaware of how serious cancer is, nor is it because

I'm in some sort of denial of what I have or what I could lose. It's not because I'm especially strong or fearless. My body and mind is certainly going through emotional and physical stress and I do see changes in me. But I have realised that if anything can help then it will be my positive outlook. I believe it helps.

I am taking the entire process through the eyes of acceptance. Cancer throws you into a new world, one that can be consumed by your own existence, pain, and treatment. Finding a way to step outside of yourself and look beyond your own cancer is beneficial. There is good in making time and focusing on others, because someone else always has it worse.

I think about what I'm gaining. I accept that I have cancer and the possible outcomes. I accept that it does not define me. I will gain knowledge and experience from having cancer, as well as gain the ability to display my beliefs and principles, and set a good example for my children and family. I believe the most important life lessons don't come from easy paths; it's the struggles that show us what we're made of.

Cancer is the worst thing to happen to anyone. It is a monster. It is terrifying but one's positive outlook is the best medicine, along with required medical attention. Cancer can change people's lives and it tests one’s faith and belief. It can bring people into your life that otherwise you would never have met or known.

“I am not defeated by my cancer, I am just going through short term tribulation, yet to come out stronger, wiser and positive at the other side”. I am going to keep my crazy positive outlook and feel fortunate that I have the ability to fight cancer.

My boys were surprised but extremely happy to see me at school. We took the selfy together and I think we all look great.